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Hunan Red Solar New Energy Science and Technology Co.,Ltd

Hunan Red Solar New Energy Science and Technology Co.,Ltd. founded in June 2008, is a member of the China Electronic Technology Group Corporation and a wholly-owned subsidiary of the CETC Electronic equipment Group Corporation. The company is an advanced whole PV industry chain manufacturer with a top 10 production scale in Changsha, and it has integrated silicon materials, high-efficiency mono-crystalline cells, photovoltaic modules, and photovoltaic system integrated applications fully.

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2008 year

was founded in

3 GW

High-efficiency solar cells

3.5 GW

Photovoltaic module intelligent production line

1200 +

Existing staff


PV Cells PV Modules

Why Semicore


Hunan Red Solar New Energy Science & Technology Co.,Ltd,Manufacturer of Semicore® Modules, owns about 1200 employees at present, including 17 researcher-level senior engineers, 81 senior engineers, 287 engineers, and 19 state outstanding contributors. It uses talents as an engine to promote innovation and development.We have established National Engineering Technology Research Center of photovoltaic equipment.

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Semicore® Modules always sticks to the highest quality standards, the most rigorous quality control process. Semicore® Modules have obtained multiple international certifications like TUV,CE,UL,MCS,PV CYCLE,etc.

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CETC,the parent company of Hunan Red Solar New Energy Science & Technology Co.,Ltd, A 100% china central-government owned, super-large group which rank 381 in Fortune Global Top 500 and has 18 national key laboratories, 10 national research center and innovation center, 52 national engineering research centers (PV included)

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Semicore® module showing at the Intersolar Europe 2022

Intersolar Europe 2022 taken place in Munich,Germany from 11-13 May,which is one of the most influential PV exhibitions in the world,over 1,600 exhibitors and 55,000 visitors attend the exhibition.Hunan Red Solar New Energy Science & Technology Co.,


Good news|Electric Equipment was selected into the "Top 20 Global Photovoltaic Rankings in 2021"

On May 10, the "2021 Global PV Top 20 Ranking List" hosted by 365 Photovoltaics was officially released in Hangzhou. The rankings are based on the annual operating revenue, global shipments, global grid-connected installed capacity and other financial data of photovoltaic-related projects, products and services of companies in the global photovoltaic industry in the previous year. The data research lasted more than four months. Based on the principle of openness, fairness and impartiality, the ranking of the leaderboard was finally determined through careful data research and database verification.


New Progress of "One Belt, One Road" | CETC Electric Equipment - The first module of the second phase project of Kalyon Photovoltaic Industrial Park in Turkey successfully rolled off the production line

On July 27, 2021, CETC China Electronic Equipment Group Co., Ltd. (referred to as "Electric Equipment") - the first M10 module of the Kalyon Phase II 500MW Photovoltaic Industrial Park Project in Turkey successfully rolled off the production line, marking the successful completion of the second phase of the project the first stage goal.


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