Company Profile

Hunan Red Solar New Energy Science and Technology Co.,Ltd. founded in June 2008, is a member of the China Electronic Technology Group Corporation and a wholly-owned subsidiary of the CETC Electronic equipment Group Corporation. The company is an advanced whole PV industry chain manufacturer with a top 10 production scale in Changsha, and it has integrated silicon materials, high-efficiency mono-crystalline cells, photovoltaic modules, and photovoltaic system integrated applications fully.

Hunan Red Solar New Energy Science and Technology Co.,Ltd.

The company has several intelligent production lines, including 3GW high-efficiency solar cell (including high-efficiency PERC cell) production line, and 3.5GW photovoltaic module production line. It also has the corresponding qualifications for general contracting of power engineering construction, professional contracting of mechanical and electrical equipment installation, and engineering consultation, and is licensed to undertake installation (maintenance and commissioning) for electric power facilities. Therefore, it can provide a one-stop solution for photovoltaic power system engineering.

The Company, as one of China’s first batch of enterprises in line with “the Standard Conditions for the Photovoltaic Manufacturing Industry”, a pilot enterprise that implements the standards of the Integration of Informatization and Industrialization Management Systems, a key high-tech enterprise of China torch program, and a new high-tech enterprise and enterprise technology center of Hunan Province, adheres to scientific and technological innovation leading and strives to promote high- quality development, and its component products have won Europe TUV/CE certificate, the US UL certificate, UK MCS certificate, Australia CEC certificate, China CGC certificate and other authoritative quality certificates. Meanwhile, the Company is a backbone member of China’s "leader program", and has undertaken a large number of photovoltaic power station projects at home and abroad. It has a high reputation in the industry and has won unanimous praise from customers.

The Company owns about 1200 employees at present, including 17 researcher-level senior engineers, 81 senior engineers, 287 engineers, and 19 state outstanding contributors. It uses talents as an engine to promote innovation and development.

In 2020, the company will deepen reform and industrial integration to become a whole photovoltaic industry chain company.