Why Semicore


Hunan Red Solar New Energy Science & Technology Co.,Ltd,Manufacturer of Semicore® Modules, owns about 1200 employees at present, including 17 researcher-level senior engineers, 81 senior engineers, 287 engineers, and 19 state outstanding contributors. It uses talents as an engine to promote innovation and development.We have established National Engineering Technology Research Center of photovoltaic equipment.


Quality Assurance

Semicore® Modules always sticks to the highest quality standards, the most rigorous quality control process. Semicore® Modules have obtained multiple international certifications like TUV,CE,UL,MCS,PV CYCLE,etc.


Brand Power

CETC,the parent company of Hunan Red Solar New Energy Science & Technology Co.,Ltd, A 100% china central-government owned, super-large group which rank 381 in Fortune Global Top 500 and has 18 national key laboratories, 10 national research center and innovation center, 52 national engineering research centers (PV included)