Opportunity, Thinking, Future | Some of their ideas and practices under the "Double-Carbon" goal!


my country will increase its Nationally Determined Contributions, adopt more effective policies and measures, strive to peak carbon dioxide emissions by 2030, and strive to achieve carbon neutrality by 2060.

Photovoltaic, as an important part of new energy, has entered a period of parity and grid parity through the upgrading of photovoltaic industrialization technology and cost reduction and efficiency improvement in the past 10 years. Photovoltaic has a very good development prospect.

As one of the thousands of photovoltaic practitioners, I deeply feel the importance and far-reaching significance of the burden on my shoulders. For the lofty goals, we will not change our will to move forward through mountains and mountains. This is the will of every photovoltaic person.

I am an ordinary employee of the Technology Department of the Optoelectronics Company, engaged in the research and development of photovoltaic equipment technology. At present, the laboratory is fully carrying out the equipment and process research and development of the next-generation high-efficiency battery TOPCon battery.

As a technician, continuously improving R&D strength, studying the working mechanism of high-efficiency solar cells, improving conversion efficiency, and enhancing the R&D capability of high-end photovoltaic equipment are the way for me to practice carbon peaking and carbon neutrality.

This should not be a simple slogan, but the driving force for our continuous progress and struggle. In my work, I never give up learning advanced knowledge, consult a large number of technical materials and scientific literature, and absorb the essence for my use, and continuously improve the research and development strength.

Whether it is the research and development of equipment or technology, it cannot be stagnant, which runs counter to the mission we undertake. Our new generation of photovoltaic technicians should stand on the shoulders of giants and climb the peaks, rather than being content with the status quo. It is my mission as a technician to dare to challenge traditional and outdated technologies and designs.

I am not alone, because I am surrounded by photovoltaic people who have the same heart as me. The scenery on this road is unique!