New Progress of "One Belt, One Road" | CETC Electric Equipment - The first module of the second phase project of Kalyon Photovoltaic Industrial Park in Turkey successfully rolled off the production line


On July 27, 2021, CETC China Electronic Equipment Group Co., Ltd. (referred to as "Electric Equipment") - the first M10 module of the Kalyon Phase II 500MW Photovoltaic Industrial Park Project in Turkey successfully rolled off the production line, marking the successful completion of the second phase of the project the first stage goal.

CETC Electric Equipment-Turkey Kalyon Photovoltaic Industrial Park is the first and only photovoltaic whole industry chain project in Turkey. It is listed as a key project of Turkey's national economic transformation and development. The outcome of the consensus is also an important measure to promote the deepening of the joint construction of the "Belt and Road".

In 2020, Diantech successfully completed the construction of the first-phase 500MW photovoltaic whole industry chain project signed with Turkey's Kalyon Group, and successfully signed the second-phase 500MW photovoltaic industrial park project contract. Diantech Equipment has provided Turkey with a 1GW turnkey project covering crystal pulling, slicing, cells, and modules, as well as supporting process technology and personnel training. The system has driven domestic equipment to go abroad, and promoted earthwork to increase by about 10% of photovoltaics. The production capacity has played a good demonstration role in serving the "Belt and Road".